Dear John ( I try to read a foreign novel)

I finished reading a foreign novel " Dear John" last weekend.
I took one month to finish the novel.
Because I red the novel with dictionary in my hand.

It was very fun. I like his novel. It's lonly love story.
I red his novel that the Japanese tranlation of his novel.

I want to watch the movie " Dear John".
If I red a novel in Japanese, I wonder don't think so.
Because I don't understand many words, so I use my imagination to red the novel.

I watched YOU TUBE about "Dear John". I remembered my imagined sight.

I want to watch the movie and want to read the Japanese translation of the novel.

Next, I am reading his novel now.


night steamer nano-care

I received a night steamer nano-care. It's a Panasonic.

This is what I have been looking for. I'm happy.

"night steamer nano-care"
Peaple can skin care while sleeping. Katakana English ; Home esthetic..
First, it's replenish moisture by steamer for 20 minutes. And then, it's keeping moisture by "nanoe" for 8 hours.

"nanoe" = nano-technology + electric
It's electric's ion that micropaticulated water from the air.

I should maintain the humidity in my room. I tried it last night at once. I felt like my moisturize came back to me this morning.
I think , maybe I can gibe moisture my skin and my hair. .....sure???


hard days

I went on a business trip last week.
Because The system that I'm in charge of started at December. So I conduct study sessions for clients.

First day:
I woke up at 4:45 am. I went out at 6 am.
I went Saitama Prefecture by Shinkansen and JR trains.
I worked on Saitama sales office. I sat in on monthly meeting , etc... I went out its office at 8:30 pm. And I had for dinner.
And then, I moved to my stay Hotel in Tokyo. I went to bed on the Hotel at 2:30 am.

Second days:
I woke up at 5:30 am. I walked to Tokyo business office. It took 30 minutes. But, I got my shock. Because, it usually takes 6 minutes if I take a short cut to the office. I didn't Know it.
I sat in on monthly meeting, hold discussions with person in charge, placed the hard disk on the file server. I worked until 10:30 pm. I went out at 10:45 pm there. And then I went to Korean restrant, ate Korean meals. I came the hotel at 1:30 am. I went to bed at 3 pm.

Third days:
It's last day! I woke up at 4:30 am. I'm very sleepy. I'm getting tired!
But I have to move to Sendai City. I went out the Hotel at 5:40 am.
I arrived in Sendai City at 9:30 am. This is my first visit to Sendai. Sendai is beautiful City. But it's very cold. I worked at Tohoku sales office until 6:05 pm.
Ox tongue dishes are a specialty of Sendai. I bought Ox tangue boxed meals.
So I was going to miss may last train. (to Nagoya)
I ate it on Tohoku Shinkansen. It was delicious!! I was happy !
I change trains , I came home at 11:45 pm.

I was very very very tired........and very sleepy.



I wathed the DVD called "CHANGELING" this morning.

director : Clint Eastwood
casts : Angelina Jolie .....etc

It's a true story.

I was at a loss for words. I don't understand how this happened.

But this one is masterpiece.


complicated question

I ate healthy lunch.
It was the veggie curry.

By the way......
I did my exercise that my teacher asked me 10 questions about family relationships today.

I wasn't able to give the correct answer for question number 3.
The questions were complicated and difficult to analyze. But my teacher said that it wasn't very deifficult for me because I have given most aof the correct answers.
I must think in English. I have to think straight to get the answer. So I become puzzled.
Actually, I'm not very good at analyzing about family relationships. She knws my least favorite.
I didn't do well so, and I have to brush it up.

Now that I thought about it carefully, I understand.
(I thought it over and now I understand.)

If you are the only son of your stepmother's husband, Yuki is your
stepsister and Michiko is your sister's niece, who are you to Michiko ?



I bought the DVD "STAR TREK" today.
The DVD comes out today.

It's special box. "Spaceship Enterprise box".
It has DVD's case of the spaceship Enterprise.
When I got home, I put the kit together.
The circle part of spaceship can hold a DVD.
I loved it.



I watched the DVD called "STER TREK VOYAGER" today.
It was very fun. I love the entire series of STER TREK.

And then, I went to DVD rental shop, "TSUTAYA".
At first, I bought a book.
And I rented two DVD movies called "SEVEN POUNDS " and "CHANGERING".
And then, I took a web lesson.I had good time tonight, too.
My teacher is very great!
She is giving for me intelligible explanation!